The Coming Christ Film


Is Christ coming? If so, when? Though we can’t know for certain, humanity may be changed shortly and dramatically. I’m a reporter. I watch world events and tell what I see. In our present time, I see this: Christ is coming…and […]

Prophetic Update September 2016, Part 2

Christ's Return

This is a continuation of the Prophetic Update September 2016, Part 1. Click here to read it. Gog-Magog Just a few years ago, Russia was almost irrelevant. But that has changed, and here’s why: Russia’s Getting Ready for Something “Russia […]

There’s a Lot You Don’t Know About 9/11


There’s much more to 9/11 than meets the eye. To many, 9/11 was full of hateful violence, crashed airplanes, and collapsing buildings. It is loss, death, and mercilessness wrapped in a 24-hour capsule. But there is more to that day […]

Is God At Church?


Is God At Church? The lights were dimmed, collections plates ready, and people clutched checks and paper money. Heads bowed, eyes closed, and some even raised their treasure high. Lips echoed the chant in unison: “Lord, we trust you with […]

Prophetic Update September 2016, Part 1


This is a continuance of last week’s prophetic update. To view it, click here. Are we truly seeing the signs of the Lord’s imminent return? Here are more signs: Earth Sucked Dry Simply put: our globe is withering. Aquifers are […]

Prophetic Update August 2016

Christ's Return

Every once in a while I’m infected by the Rapture Bug. The symptoms are always the same: feverish interest in End-Times events, rabid news consumption, and gnawing paranoia and distrust. The bouts typically last between weeks to months. In 2011, […]

Christian Life: Boring or Moving?


American Christianity is boring. Let’s be real. Our Christian lives often resemble systematic, dried-up structures full of check-lists and brittle methods. Church on Sunday? Check. Bible class on Wednesday? Check. Got your Bible? Highlighter and pen? Copy of the latest […]

Our Ministry Needs Your Help

Prayer Needed

Hello Mighty Saints! As we embark upon the new school year (yes, I’m a mom. I operate my schedule around school years instead of calendar years), we are gearing up for a re-kindling of our ministry. As we do, we’re […]

Bible Prophecy: Is A Change Here?

Bible Prophecy

Here I sit to write a prophecy update, and I don’t know where to start. There’s so much. I took a break from prophecy after writing my first book, which was about prophecy. Between family illness, personal depression, and other […]

Lord, Thank You for the Gift of Prayer


Heavenly Father, Thank You for the chance to come to You in prayer! Prayer is a gift we should not leave unopened – yet sometimes we do. LORD, let it not be so! Thank You, Father, that You love us so […]